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More than a company... We’re a lifestyle.

The Pioneers of Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing

Body.  Soul.  Planet.

We want our clothing and accessories that reflect your authentic selves and communicate your values of sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility. We want you to have confidence in your purchasing decisions. We have a passion for fashion and aspire to be trend-setters while adhering to our eco-conscious values. We seek opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of workers and artisans involved in the production process. We appreciate exclusive and unique fashion pieces that set you apart from the mainstream.


We are EFC.

MetaWear is a pioneer in ecofashion, founded in 2012 by Marci Zaroff. Zaroff recognized the challenge that ethical brands faced in creating fully transparent supply chains, and so she built a network of factories in India capable of producing GOTS-compliant garments and accessories. At MetaWear, social and environmental accountability is ingrained in our very being, thus we provide our customers with a fully transparent manufacturing experience at every stage, along with a marketing toolkit to tell their story. We value forming relationships beyond the surface, rejecting the superficial and competitive atmosphere that often plagues the fashion industry. Our vertically integrated business model is equipped for both low and high volume production of all textile categories, with a highly experienced management team to oversee sourcing, product development, inspections, quality control, and logistics.


We are dedicated to expanding regenerative agriculture and believe that improving soil health is one of the greatest solutions to climate change. The apparel industry has a large carbon footprint and contributes to significant air and water pollution starting at the farm level. We believe that when fashion brands, farmers, suppliers, regulators, NGOs, and consumers join forces, we can create regenerative business solutions to reduce or even reverse our impact. By making it easy for brands and retailers to make responsible choices, we can ensure mutual success. At MetaWear, we are a breath of fresh air in the fashion industry, filled with creative and interconnected individuals capable of infinite good.

Get ready to embrace the perfect balance of sustainability and style with YesAnd. Yes, we offer affordable, high-quality fashion, And it’s ethically curated for our conscious consumers. Our cutting-edge innovation has made ecofashion as chic and trendy as the red carpet. We believe that what you wear impacts your wellness, and we are committed to using organic and preferred fibers and materials, like organic cotton, to keep microplastics out of our ocean ecosystems. 

With our transparent supply chain, customers can scan a QR-code on the product to learn about the origins of our products, from seed to skin. Our organic farm project is the heartbeat of YesAnd, and through regenerative and biodynamic farming techniques, we can restore depleted soil and fight global warming. We aim to be a Carbon Net Zero company and have all our products tracked on blockchain, with embedded impact metrics. We are also excited to continue to collaborate with like minded brands in the future. Say yes to sustainable fashion and join us on this stylish journey.   

With full transparency and a commitment to sustainability, the brand's products range from pillows, sheets, blankets, and accessories to towels, robes, bath rugs, and beach towels. Farm to Home stands out for its unique and transparent supply chain that allows the consumer to trace the product back to its farm origins. 


This brand's design is aligned with on-trend styles, comfort is a top priority, and quality is ensured through the use of low-impact dyes and finishes. With 3rd party auditing and certifications, authentic storytelling, and a commitment to a sustainable financial model for farmers and regenerative farming practices to address climate change, Farm to Home has become a global authority in the sustainable home fashion industry. Just launched in Costco US in March 2023, as they continue to make a difference from farm to home.

The sustainable fashion brand that prioritizes affordability without compromising on style, quality, comfort, or social and environmental accountability. With a focus on climate action and using only preferred fibers and materials, Seed to Style offers a one-stop-shop across multiple categories, from cozy apparel collections to accessories, all with globally recognized certifications to verify authenticity. 


Transparent supply chains, material innovation, and collaboration are at the forefront of our approach, aiming to elevate everyone along the supply chain. Seed to Style has already made an impact through QVC, offering affordable, organic, and inclusive collections. Moving forward, the brand plans to scale and expand into new retail opportunities, licensing partnerships, and influencer collaborations, bringing a truly sustainable and traceable brand to meet the demands of today's more conscious consumer.

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