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We can help save planet earth through fashion.

Yes, you read that correctly, and you can be a part of the change.

Polyester, non-biodegradable fibers and inks are ruining our planet.

Microplastic pollution is a major problem for our oceans and humankind. Athleisure apparel is often made of polyester and other non‑biodegradable synthetic fibers that shed hundreds of thousands of persistent microfibers with each wash. By choosing organic fibers, which are biodegradable, we can be part of the solution to protect our vital ocean ecosystems.

Consciously clean cotton is the solution.

Organic cotton farming methods diversify farmers’ income streams via crop rotation, reduce soil erosion, use less water while retaining more, decrease fossil fuel emissions, foster fair treatment of workers, and reduce our climate footprint by way of carbon sequestration in the soil. To learn more about organic cotton, check out

And avoiding harmful inks is important too.

We are committed to using low impact dyes and inks that are free of any harmful chemicals. That means: no chlorine bleach, no acetone, no formaldehyde, and no heavy metals. Low impact dyes have less than 5% runoff compared to conventional dyes, which can run off

55-60% into our environment.

Our standards go even further.

Our clothing is GMO-free and GOTS certified—assuring full transparency and traceability through the entire textile supply chain, from farm to finished product. All partners within the textile processing supply chain must meet stringent environmental and labor standards, including no child labor, safe working conditions, and payment of a fair wage.

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