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More than a company...
We’re a lifestyle.

The Pioneers of Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing

Body.  Soul.  Planet.

Join us on a journey towards a regenerative future while looking, feeling, and doing good  — Because saving the planet should never go out of style.

Empowering conscious consumers and businesses to live in ways that are regenerative for body, soul, and planet.

Our Greenhouse of Brands

At ecofashionCORP, our commitment runs deep, and we’re working hard to make a positive impact on human and planetary wellness, farmer and worker welfare, and future generations. 


Our success story emerged with founder Marci Zaroff's 30+ years of paving the way in the sustainable textile industry. With Marci’s extensive expertise, our greenhouse has been cultivated with deep roots in regeneration and resilience. We're passionate about creating timeless, durable apparel and home fashion responsibly crafted from the best possible materials and manufacturing practices — from seed to self.


Being leaders in sustainable production is a source of pride for us. We believe that fashion should be more than just beautiful — it should be a force for good in the world, while empowering consumers and retailers alike. And that's what we're working towards every day. As eco-fashion pioneers and authorities, we’re excited to be driving the change we all wish to see in the world.

The engine of ethical fashion manufacturing. We (em)power our partners with our turnkey, full-package, bespoke private label production platform, as the 'Intel inside' of the industry. From source to story, our holistic “plug and play” model makes sustainability easy for brands and retailers — across categories, industries, and distribution channels — from mass to class.

Conscious fashion for modern people. Yes, to style And to sustainability. Our contemporary apparel and accessories are co-created with heart and mind — and no compromise.

Affordable and authentic, sustainable bedding, bath, kitchen, and hospitality collections that benefit both people and the planet.

Size-inclusive, on-trend accessible apparel made from regenerative and circular materials — from farm to finished fashion.

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